Parfait fun

I love the combination of yogurt, fruit and nuts. And there is no other better time for this delight than in the morning- this combination has a wonderful cooling and calming effect. What more it is healthy. I am sure all of us make parfaits in different combinations and here is one of my versions with the ingredients I had at hand. The original idea came from dine and dish blog, but as I was reading the various parfait recipes from bloggers I realized I did not have many of the ingredients they have listed, so I had to sort of come up with my own
Here it goes

1 cup low-fat yogurt
1-2 ripe bananas
1 tbsp ginger
a good swish of honey
For the fruits, I had apples, pears and grapes which are in season now
I used dried cranberries, prunes, sliced almonds and pistachios

Blend the first four ingredients together
Then layer the fruits (dried and fresh), nuts and yogurt mixture alternatively.
Garnish with some cranberries and almonds.

I think I will send this really easy recipe to Monthly Blog Patrol event-Easy Breezy Breakfast hosted by Simple Indian Food.

PS: Hopefully I will get to making some more interesting recipes for breakfast time permitting of course.

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