Sweet chickpeas with nutella

I mean who does not love Nutella- spread with a nutty, chocolatey flavor. It was originally created by Mr. Pietro Ferrero who founded the Ferrero company. An interesting bit about Nutella is that it was initially made in loaves and packaged in tin foil (you could slice them and use it in sandwiches, like cheese!). The spreadable variation came later when Mr.Ferrero realized that children who ate those yummy sammies threw the bread away and ate just the slices of nutella! If you have not tried it before you should now, I tell ya it tastes heavenly.
Anyway so when I saw this dish here, I knew I had to try it out.


1/2 c. chickpea (garbanzo) flour
1/2 c. white unbleached flour
1 3/4 c. water
1 tbsp. dark brown sugar
1 tbsp. canola oil
salt, a pinch


Seive the flour mixture then whisk all ingredients together (try not to have any lumps in the batter)

Pour 1/3 of a cupful of batter into a hot, seasoned (or nonstick) crepe pan. Spread the batter evenly and fairly thinly.

Let the crepe cook until it is loose when you shake the pan. Flip it. Continue cooking.

Spread a thin layer of Nutella onto half of the crepe, then roll or fold, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and serve warm.

You can serve this with any kind of syrup or jam.

I am going to submit this delicious recipe to JFI:chickpeas

The judgement:
It tastes really good, but most of them came out tattered and there were still some lumps. Makes me wonder if besan is actually chickpea flour or the flour from split yellow dal.

One thought on “Sweet chickpeas with nutella

  1. Hi,Wow this is original! Kala/Desi chana is split to make bengalgram and ground into Besan. Sounds yummy. Thanks for sending this in to JFI Chickpea!best,ms


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