Last weekend (not this past one, but the one before) our time was very well spent in Puerto Rico. While there was enough to enjoy, I was oblivious to everything else- the only THING I enjoyed the MOST was the warm weather. It was 80F…compared to Boston still lingering in the 30’s. I was hooked on the warmth. Believe me it was intoxicating. Well the beaches, mango trees (most of them were fruiting-I so badly wanted to steal some mangoes!) and the coconut water definitely added on to the charm. Yeah I had elaneer (coconut water) in PR….yippeeeee
The other thing still fresh in my mind is the warm arepa de coco. They tasted so good especially because these were fresh. I liked them so much, they me of some similar taste back home only I could not remember what (If anyone has any idea what I am talking about, please let me know). Also if anyone has an easy recipe for making these coconut fritters, please do let me know. Being a vegetarian was not very helpful as most of the native dishes were not. But we did manage to have some mexican-PR burritos and quesadillas at Tijuana in Condado (which is where we stayed). We also ate a local chain called Taco Makers, way better than Taco bell I must say.

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