There it was, staring at me, its expiration date nearing- the pillsbury pizza dough had to be used and it was the perfect day for a pizza. Especially after what felt like ages of “ricedom”. So I rolled it out, slathered some pasta sauce (Please do not ask me what kind, had tomato and something else in it), sliced up some mozzarella cheese on it. I roasted red peppers, sliced them to make up one topping. The other topping was sliced red onions. Layered the pizza with these, added salt, pepper, ajwain or caraway seeds (for my exquisite touch!) and dried oregano. Baked it at 400F, and voila we had a beautiful meal for the night and what more it tasted soooooppper!
Ah the little joys in life….mmmm!

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