Ginger for health

You probably have had this drink, you probably have a different name for it- we, in our family, call it inji sorasam or in my words, अदरक का रस (இஞ்சி சொரசம்). Believe me when I say this one has nothing do with RASAM. This juice essentially brings back childhood memories of the days when we would be given an oil bath (an oil bath is usually an extravagant affair in our household, or at least used to be). On some eventful Saturday mornings when we were required to cleanse our systems, we would be given surathavarai kashayam,. No amount of wailing or running around the house would help, my mom would eventually make us drink the kashayam. One sip of the kashayam and anything else would seem heavenly! Half a day later of ingesting that thing called kashayam, we would be given an oil bath which was followed by light lunch and inji sorasam.

Since my mom is visiting, I made her make the ginger juice for me the day after she arrived. Of course why would I even bother with the kashayam, no more MA!! I am glad I finally got to sharing this recipe (has been a family favorite) with all of you- try it and be healthful.


2-3 inch piece ginger root, chopped coarsely
2 tbsp coriander seeds
2 tbsp cumin seeds
Juice from 3 lemons
for sweetness honey or brown sugar (anything you might prefer)
2 -3 cups of water


Soak the coriander and cumin seeds in about a cup of water for about 2 hours.

Grind together ginger, coriander and cumin seeds.

Let it sit for an hour at least and you will see a sediment at the bottom. Strain it, squeeze the pulp and you can add more water to the pulp, regrind it and go through the straining process one more time.

Add the lemon juice and the sweetening agent of your choice (amount depends on how sweet and sour you want it to be). Let it sit for a few more hours- you will see it clearing out at which point it is ready to be devoured!

Go ahead and drink without any qualms unless of course you do not like ginger or have allergies to it.


YUM, I am going to say no more.

** UPDATE: I am sending this to the Home Remedies event hosted by Ruchika.  Ginger is the tried and tested ammunition to treat a variety of digestive ailments and even motion- induced sickness as it very effective in the control of nausea and vomitting.

7 thoughts on “Ginger for health

  1. Thank you for posting this recipe that yells “for your food health”. I have book marked it. It helps to have this once in a while and its great your mother made it for you.


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