Thayir sadam

with juicy ripe mangoes, anyone? The ones in the picture are not juicy ripe mangoes- my dad thought the picture looked better with cut spicy mangoes. But the photo credit goes to him, as I amidst my mango devouring days in Chennai, I forgot all about the camera and this blog- now can ya blame me?

Of course, a quintessential Tam Bram (only when it comes to food though) that I am- I love my thayir sadam and; I love to have my thayir sadam with the golden beauties when they are in season. Something about sour yogurt and sweet mango combination- just feels right every time.
This time I had at least 4 different varieties- the ones in the picture are Haapoos or more lovingly known as alphonso, farm fresh and were being taken away for ripening. This was on our way back from Lavasa, Pune.  I had amrapali (mom bought them for me from Bhubaneswar), langda in Pune and one another varitey I do not remember the name- not that I care too much for names when I am eating them!
So there you have it- a no recipe post that I had to write simply because I wanted to keep the taste and smell of mangoes with me forever and ever. Do you have any interesting mango story to share?! 
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