Four Burgers- a review

Warning: I am no professional restaurant reviewer by any measure but I have come to learn “good food” in the past few years. I decided to do this now because I am leaving Cambridge to go to Houston, Texas and this is a tribute to all those foodie joints (good and not-so-good) that I visit often!

Tucked away in a neat little spot in Central Square, Cambridge (MA) is this great burger joint- Four Burgers. I chanced upon it accidentally on my walk from Harvard square to Central square. There are not too many choices- basically they have an organic vegan black bean burger which is served with either salsa or guacamole (your choice).

So you go in- choose your bun (or not), the burger, toppings and fries if you want any that is (including cheese). The vegan burger in itself tastes really good- I had it with guac while the wise guy had it with salsa. Each of us had a couple of toppings and each of our burgers tasted different (and good!). Now that is a rarity even today- veggie burgers tasting like you want to take another bite out of it.

I remember when I first landed in the US- vegetarian food was pretty much unheard of and even if we did find something, it was usually nothing short of pathetic. On campus there was very limited choice. One of those choices was Taco Bell (well ….we had another name for it!)- most of our daily lunch consisted of a bean burrito or a bean chalupa. You can imagine our plight fresh from the land of good if not great food and we ended up eating ooey-gooey not very good bean burrittos (but hey there were super cheap).

And veggie burgers- I had given up all hope of finding a good one after repeated taste assaults with the King’s veggie burger or subway’s veggie sandwich on our road trips (they were not terrible and they did fill us up).

But now things are getting better and almost every burger/sandwich place here in Cambridge has at least one veggie burger on their menu (they range from things that taste like a BK veggie burger to fabulous burgers). I am on a mission to identify the best veggie burger-fries combo in town.

The vegan black bean burger and fries from Four Burgers is definitely one of them (though it is more pricier than your average burger joint). You can actually taste all the wonderful flavors coming from the burger itself and any veggies or toppings you might have. The fries- oh I could die eating them sistah, love them!

2 thoughts on “Four Burgers- a review

  1. I definitely agree with this post. I am a huge beef eater, but it came over me one day to try this black bean burger and I LOVED it. I got a bunch of toppings and they made it perfectly. Furthermore I stupidly order it to the Four Burgers in Cambridge not at Boylston and when I went to Boylston they had no problem making one and didn't have me pay for it since I paid online for the one waiting in Cambridge. Two thumbs up for me.


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