Red Lentil- A restaurant review

Warning: I am no professional restaurant reviewer by any measure but I have come to learn “good food” in the past few years. I decided to do this now because I am leaving Cambridge to go to Houston, Texas and this is a tribute to all those foodie joints (good and not-so-good) that I visit often!

This one is yet another fave, an all vegetarian and vegan place in Watertown (now that is the only disadvantage since it is not on any T line)- The Red Lentil. Every dish that I have tried is actaully different from the other- unusual flavor combinations are a big draw (for me anyway). I will surely miss their Nirvana Delight and ooh the gobi manchurian. I also love their entire line of brunch menu (think I can safely brag that between the wise guy, my mom and me- we have tried most of what is on their menu).While their food is great- there are times when I have been frustrated with their wait staff.

In fact this year’s Mother’s day was celebrated at The Red Lentil. Well so was last year’s and ma distinctly remembers because there was big group of people at the restaurant each giving gifts to their mom while me…all I did was take her to Red Lentil.

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