A few weekends ago, we were at a potluck-poker party (yes, a really sweet couple from wise guy’s work had this party to celebrate our marriage!). I did my part for the potluck and the wise guy did his for poker (oops, that is a teeny-weeny lie now- he did his part for both the potluck and the poker game!). I rarely talk much and when it comes to parties I become super-calm (except before the party when it looks like a rioted kitchen and a nail biting-me), and super-quite. I love to watch people, listen to conversations around me and gather the most inconsequential pieces of information. I do love food talk, so when someone asks me what I brought for the party- they better be prepared for a long may be even boring monologue. This party was not much different except a big bunch (read six) of kids running around. We had great food- our Japanese friend brought a gorgeous Japanese vegetarian soup, the host had roasted beautiful green nori with olive oil, salt and pepper and even told us how to eat it- just eat it with some rice, she said (you know like crackers with all sorts of good toppings), and beef. An Indian friend had brought rajma and jeera rice. I had made aloo chops (bengali style) inspired by the well known Bong Mom and a ginger cake (adapted from David Lebovitz’s book- Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes). We had other gorgeous desserts- some home made, some store bought (of course can’t blame them can I? I used to do that too).

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