Vada pav- ghar ka bana hua a.k.a homemade

One day after I land, Maya ji made me some lovely authentic Maharashtrian vada pav (bread with potato mash, a spice mixture and hot green peppers). I never imagined that Vada Pav would be this really light meal despite being fried (so you can of course then imagine that it would be easy to shove a few down the food pipe!). That was my second breakfast by the way…
I need to get the recipe from her, will post it later.

Saying good bye to friends with handmade jewelry and cookies of course

I have left my postdoctoral positions- yesterday was my last day. I am sure most people are sane enough not to attempt making nearly 15 pieces of jewelry overnight- I did because I am INSANE but hey who cares- it  was a boat load of fun especially since I have not made any pieces recently (I had this gnawing fear of having lost my creativity). These pieces look good- don’t they!
I could not leave out the boys, could I- so they got cookies- made this seeded chocolate chip cookies (recipe from Martha Shulman, of course with my own modifications)- these cookies were delicious!!

I also made these cards- stamps and distress inks are your friend!