Saying good bye to friends with handmade jewelry and cookies of course

I have left my postdoctoral positions- yesterday was my last day. I am sure most people are sane enough not to attempt making nearly 15 pieces of jewelry overnight- I did because I am INSANE but hey who cares- it  was a boat load of fun especially since I have not made any pieces recently (I had this gnawing fear of having lost my creativity). These pieces look good- don’t they!
I could not leave out the boys, could I- so they got cookies- made this seeded chocolate chip cookies (recipe from Martha Shulman, of course with my own modifications)- these cookies were delicious!!

I also made these cards- stamps and distress inks are your friend!

Earrings galore….

Having been under the weather this past week, put my time to good use. Learned this beautiful right angle weave earring from beaded jewelry diva– it is not perfect though, can see thread in parts! I had very similar colored beads too…

Two recent pieces

I finally organized my beading and scrapbooking stations and that seems to be working well especially since I actually could make a couple of decent pieces.

Some new pieces of jewelry

With agate focal piece, for my mom…
with sterling silver heart, also for my mom!
Most of these are finds from the Bead bazzar that happened in Marlborough, MA